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"Steelworks music is like a treasure chest; you can’t tell what’s inside until you open it.  Listeners are quickly won over by the quality of the music, delighted to hear virtuosity on steel pan.  Educating listeners in the styles and origins of the music, and transporting them with exceptional musical ability, it’s not hard to imagine the full steel pan orchestras of Trinidad and Tobago.  Humble and welcoming, steelworks connects with audiences and invites a new level of appreciation of Caribbean music.  Professional and organized, steelworks is a joy to work with."

               -Carrie McClintock, Communications & Performing Arts Coordinator, Gifts of Art, U-M Health System, June 2016

"Audience and staff members were enthralled and appreciative of the beautiful music and incredible sound that emanated throughout the Atrium. I would high recommend steelworks to anyone desiring a professional, top-notch, fun band. I look forward to you performing once again for your concert series." 

               -Carl Katafiasz, Head of Adult Services, Livonia Civic Center Library, September 2015