Is there a singer for the group?

We are currently an instrumental group with no vocals. However, we do play many songs you will recognize and we encourage you to sing along!

How much does it cost to hire steelworks? 

Pricing varies based on location, date, ensemble preference, and length of event. Contact us HERE for pricing and availability for your event! We accept cash, check or all MAJOR credit cards at the gig!

Are you willing to travel? How far? 

Yes! We regularly travel to Jackson, Paducah, Memphis, and Nashville! We are wiling to travel for your next event!

Are you on Facebook?

Yes! Facebook, Youtube, Google+, eMail, and Soundcloud links are on the bottom-right corner of every page. Please Like us on Facebook

Is there a deposit or cancellation fee? 

We typically require a deposit to hold a date. There are additional details regarding cancellations and rescheduling outlined in the contract. Please contact us with any questions.

Does steelworks play with recorded tracks?

No way! We are very proud to offer 100% live music by highly trained musicians. 

Does steelworks play outdoors?

We often play outdoors! We do require a shaded 10x10 space such as a tent, overhang, or large umbrella. Steel drums can go out of tune in direct sunlight. 


How much space do you need?

Our full band (quartet) and trio require a 10'x10' shaded space. Our duo needs 10'x5' shaded space

What if I don't have a shaded area?

No problem! A 10'x10' tent can be rented from us. Please mention this at the time of booking.

Do you require power?

For our full band (quartet), we require one grounded outlet. For our duo and trio options, no power is necessary. We are fully acoustic!

What is a steel pan?

Steel pan is another name for steel drum. Our steel drums are all hand made from 55 gallon oil barrels by the finest builders in the world. They are all fully chromatic and capable of playing any song in any key. Want to learn more? We offer educational concerts where we talk about the origins of the pan and Caribbean musical styles. Also, feel free to ask us questions at any of our gigs!

How far in advance do I need to book the band? 

We do not have a specific timeframe in which you need to book the band. Of course, the earlier you book your event, the more likely we are to be available! 

Can I request specific music for the band to play? 

Check out our music selection HERE. We have a large selection of music in a variety of genres. If we have it in our book, we can certainly play it. Otherwise, we do arrangements!